Sun is the original Eternal of the Sun, with her Element being named after her. She and Moon were born as enemies of Darcyan, but eventually warmed up to him. However, that friendship soon ended, when Darcyan accidentally started the Second Eternyan War, as shown in the second part of the first game. Darcyan was defeated and sentenced for 50 billion years in the place known as the Zero Void, or just the Void for short. In the meantime, Sun and Moon have been chosen as the leaders of the Eternals, however, when Moon died, Sun tried to save her by sharing the damage, but she forgot that as Solar-Type, she was extremely sensitive to Darcyan and his Darkness-Type, almost destroying herself. But, the combined energy of the Solar and Lunar Eternals healed them both, although its effect was only temporary. Almost 13 billion years after the creation of Existance, Sun and Moon died, the remaining Eternals discovering two young boys, MORTAL boys, that shared the EXACT same energy patterns. And as the Eternals were about to destroy the boys, for reminding them of their loss, the Eternals heard two voices in their heads, introducing them to the boys, and telling the Eternals to take care of the new Sun and Moon. Those voices said that they were the spiritual remains of the Eternals Sun and Moon, carrying on their disease, the disease making them Eternals, and that all Eternals can be reborn like this....


Sun is generally seen as a kind, friendly girl, who likes to help other creatures. Naturally disliking the dark, Sun prefers places with loads of life and natural light. However, nice as she may be, Sun has also been shown having a misschievous side to her personality, sometimes scaring people, and she is also very quick to anger. She can also start Laughing over the simlest jokes, or begin crying over the smallest things. Sun likes everything happy and light, and is usually considered to be good, but dislikes things that are scary, mean, dark or dirty, killing, death, darkness, etc..