Real Name: Mike Damion Joseph

Aliases: Deamion Eternya, Ryan Jay Packer, El Dwarfington

Basic Info

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Perfect Dreamer

Age: 16

Length: 1.67 meters

Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale


Usually wearing a black jacket with the Eternyan Crest on the back, rings around his middle fingers, striking necklace, green or red T-shirt and dark gray or indigo jeans.


Hanging around with friends, quad bikes, roadrollers, listening to music, drawing, gaming and relaxing.


Liars, Tetris, cheating, stealing, heat waves, fruit(except for lemons and oranges), school, rotten food, chihuahua's and the French language.


Mike has the power to turn his imagination into reality, however, he doesn't know how to use this power.

Weaknesses and Resistances


"Gears n' Chains!"

Perfect Dreamer Mike is one of the two Perfect Dreamers in the universe and is living somewhere on the planet Earth, he is also known as the Eternal of Illusion. He and the other Perfect Dreamer have the ability to adjust the reality to suit their wishes, however, Mike is still a boy and hasn't learned to use his powers yet. His best friend is Ian, the latest reincarnation of Sun, who's also known as the Eternal of the Sun. Mike has never met any other of the Eternals except for Ian's brother and Moon's latest reincarnation, Quinn, the Eternal of the Moon. Ian often calls him King Njiwe, and usually spells his name as Maik. He does this on purpose.

Perfect dreamer mike v2.0

Concept PDM

Although he has never been there Mike wants to move to Mountain Eternya and live there, but before he can leave the Earth and move to Mountain Eternya, all of the Eternals have to agree and let him enter, so he has to meet the Eternals before he can move.

Boss Matches

As you will first meet Mike in a Spirit Realm made by a dreaming Tera and Terna, you will only be able to use Nature and Lightning, while Mike is fully trained, at level 250, with all of his stats maxed, and full control over all of his powers, you hardly stand a chance.

You will begin as Super Tera and Hyper Terna, Tera charging Hyper as well, while Mike just waits. After he tells you that you need to beat him in order to escape, you can attack him.

Once he has lost about 25% of his HP, he starts attacking with non-Elemental punches and kicks, but with his stats he can still damage you quite a lot, so watch out.

About halfway through the fight, Mike does something new: he lowers both characters to about level 5 stats and then he begins attacking with some more intensity. Now you need to really watch out, as his stats all rose (or actually he was just holding back before), and now ALL of his attacks are OMNI-ELEMENTAL! And from now on, you can lose and escape, as shown by Mike saying: "Give it up, or fight on."

And if you can survive for long enough to lower his HP to 25%, he starts warping reality. At this point, his attacks are almost impossible to dodge. And his HP stops decreasing at 1, so fighting is useless. Mike also says: "Fighting is useless!" referring to his appearant invincibility.

Once you have lost, some girl appears, stopping Mike from destroying the two Eternals. They look at each other, Mike nods, and they both leave the dream world, shattering the dream realm as they go. Tera and Terna woke up afterwards.