Come on, Ian, think!: Ian, often.


Basic Info

Name: Ian Eternya Novayomi/ Gender: Genderless, but mostly referred to as male/ Species: Eternal/ Subspecies: Solar, Half-Machine/ Age: 1.600.000.003/ Physical age: About 16 (?)

Physical Description

2.42 Meters(six foot, four and two fifth inch), white hair with a very faint blue shade, similar do LEDs, hair reaches ankles, Golden eyes, usually seen in a (normally cyan)bodysuit with slightly oversized white or blue clothes, no visible muscles, usually seen with a sword, Aura’s color changes, usually either White(normal) or Black, very pale skin


Nature, family, friends, Terna(he probably likes Terna more than the rest of the list together), animals, plants, flying, music, being unique, pleasant temperatures, his normal form, games, swords, natural light, stargazing, reading, writing, peace and quiet, food, sleeping, Neutrina


People trying to hurt his friends, people trying to hurt his family, people trying to hurt Terna, darkness, being forced off the ground, bullies, death of anything not named in this list, humans, nuts and peanuts, dumb things(he has absolutely ZERO tolerance for anything stupid), war and fights, being separated from his family, having to hold back, work, paperwork


Ian can use the standard powers of Eternals, Solar Eternals, Half-Machines, and Light Eternals, also Ian can use the following: Most Lunar Eternal powers, Psychic powers, Electricity Eternal Terna lets Ian use most of her powers, Ian has Aura controlling abilities, which are at their max, quite a lot of self-invented moves, using most different Elements, a lot of the powers of all of the other Eternals, flight, Illusion-generating abilities and access to his Super, Hyper, Limit, Shadow, Super Shadow, Hyper Shadow, Limit Shadow, Union and alter-form Modes, and his CRISIS SYSTEM, Limit Breaks and Tension Breaks. The following powers are exclusive to Ian's true form: Perfected Aura and Psychic powers, along with his powerful Copy Scan, which instantly teaches Ian how to use any new powers of the targets.

Elemental Weaknesses

Shadow Energy: Ian is not as weak to Shadow Energy as most other Eternals are, but it still hurts him quite a lot/ Darkness

Elemental Resistances

Ian is strong against Darkness/ Ian absorbs Electricity, Solar Energy, Lunar Energy, Neutral Energy

Ian, also called Ian '001beta' Eternya, is Suns latest reincarnation, a Biotech/Eternal mix, sort of like a cyborg-Eternal, and he was the Eternal of Light for quite a while. Ian is strong, fast and smart, usually relying on his speed and intelligence above his ability to throw a continent like a pebble, literally. Ian is also Aerophobic, a rare mental disorder that causes the patient to be afraid of leaving the ground, meaning Ian is scared of planes, boats, cars, stairs, ladders, bicycles and even his own bed. Strangely, Ian does not seem to have a problem with jumping, and he is quite fond of his Super State's ability to fly, often transforming and flying faster than a jet plane just for fun. This causes most developers and other characters to believe that he prefers leaving the ground on his own, rather than using devices or something similar. Ian's Aerophobia also seems to be caused partly due to his huge loss of power he experiences while off the ground, due to the fact that a lot of sunlight and Solar Energy enter the ground. Ian is also shown to be afraid of most bugs and spiders, and likes music and videogames a lot and his favourite word is Juwi. Ian is also quite sensitive to sound, and listens to music often, but he turns down the volume so much that others wearing his headphones cannot hear the music. This, however, is not to prevent others from hearing it, loud sounds hurt Ian, so he turns down the volume. Ian is the boyfriend of Terna.

In combat

Ian is usually very dependant on his speed and triple turns, along with his guaranteed first turn, which includes another action. Ian is also extremely skilled with both types of Light Magic, having mastered Solar, along with combinations of Solar and Lunar Spells, and is also pretty skilled with almost all other types of Magic, all but Darkness and Shadow. Ian receives a 150% boost for all stats if Terna is in the party, and Terna does too, while sharing their Elements, so keeping them both in the party can make a fight much easier. Ian also has several unique trans-modes: Shadow Mode, Super/Hyper/Limit Shadow Mode, Guardian Mode and Tension Shatter Mode, also called Tension Mode.
SuperNova, Space Art

IAN using his powerful SuperNova Blast attack.

The best way to use Ian is to pair him with Terna, charge to Limit Form, go Shadow Mode, and then unleash his strongest unique attack: Overload Strike (Limit Break, Tension Break and Overload must be full) with Enchantment Sol activated to net all possible boosts and easely dish out about one hunderd times overkill to even Darcyan, with weaknesses to Shadow, Solar and Lunar, and a slight weakness to Lightning. Do NOT use CRISIS, as that shall remove any Elemental boost, and change the attacks to Non-Elemental, thus removing A LOT of multipliers. Another possible strategy is using Ian's triple turn and turn multiplier spells in a very abusive way: You attack twice without using MP, then add a few turns with speedup magic, attack without spending MP and on the last turn, you use speedup magic again, and repeat. If you have the right skills and equipment, you can repeat with only 1 MP loss per repeat.

Healing and High-Damage Spells make up most of Ian's Magic, but he has several Spells of almost every Element and Class, making Ian a powerful caster for nearly all situations, and his Swords all deal a lot of Damage, which is boosted by Ian's Mastery Levels. Ian has unusually high stats, extremely high Magical stats and with the second highest Speed stat in the game, which is only beaten by Eternya.


Ian is usually very calm, and he only rarely shows any emotion. He usually speaks in quite a literal way, and Ian is also very fond of speaking in riddles, which, while they may seem complex, are actually pretty simple to understand. Ian can also speak Latin, unlike IanNova and Nova, who can not. He is very loyal to Terna and does almost anything she wants. Ian likes reading and writing on, using the penname IAN.MK001, which refers to the fact that both his Code and his serial number are 001. He is very protective of his friends, but distrusting of others. Ian enjoys being alone, sleeping and eating a lot as well. He is also shown to be capable of creating Illusionary Realms that match parts of his personality, and Serenade Forest is an excellent example. Serenade Forest is a quiet and peaceful forest with a simple tune playing in the background, and it represents Ian's peaceful, gentle and soothing personality. Ian also uses his Illusionary skills to hide himself behing a fake personality, and only Terna knows the real him, because he even hides from his friends and family. Ian, Nova and IanNova are also very good at reading people, tricking them and manipulating them, and all three can make anybody cry after a good argument. However, Ian, unlike IanNova and Nova, is absolutely horrible with poker. Ian also displays some behavour of Nova sometimes. Ian is also shown to be extremely fond of Neutrina, having somehow befriended her, and he spends almost all of his time with either her or Terna. This might be because both enjoy peace and quiet, have basically matching personalities and even speak in a similar, and mostly monotone, way.


Ian is known to be genderless, although his body uses a male body as base design. He is very powerful, even for Eternals, and after a lot of practise, he has learned to generate Shadow Energy in his body without dying, making him the second Eternal to do so, after Grimm. His body can completely regenerate from a single cell in about four minutes, and he is known for being part machine. He is very durable, and can take on huge amounts of pain without problems. Ian is the fastest of the two halves of IanNova, and is resistant to poison. He is similar to the other Eternals, but he has several special skills, and he is immune to confusion and he does not flinch. He is also immune to blinding, burning, does not get problems with attraction to opponents and his stats cannot be decreased by Hypnosis or other mental attacks. Sleeping is also cut down to three turns or less.