Eternya Wars 1 and 2 have a mainly RPG-themed gameplay, while Eternya Wars 3 is more adventure-RPG-style, with some other elements, those are mainly action-music-styled. This guide to gameplay will mainly focus on the main aspect of the series, BattleMode.

Combat (BattleMode)Edit

In battle, you can see several command panels and various meters, which are for HP, MP, SP and Special Abilities.


The most important meters in the game are for HP, which is green and shows the remaining Life Force, MP, which is blue-purple and which shows how much Magical Energy remains, and, to a lesser extend, SP, which is yellow-orange and lets you see how much more Flash Energy remains. There are a lot of other meters as well, but only a few characters have most of these meters: Limit Break, Tension Break, Hyper Break, Aura, Synchro, Union, Elemental Energy, Trans-Energy, Mana, Psy Energy, Rage, Gravity, Shadow Force, Overload, Illusion, Fantasy and Electromagnetism are the most common ones.

  1. HP: Decreases as the character takes damage, and once it reaches 0, the character is DOWN, if the whole main group is DOWN, it is Game Over, and you lose the battle.
  2. MP: Decreases if the character uses Magical Energy, replenishes over time, usually after not using Magical Energy for a while, sometimes it will constantly replenish.
  3. SP: Shows your characters ramaining Flash Energy, in-game referred to mostly as Flash Force, and it is the source of power for a lot of the strongest usable attacks, such as Skybreak Impact, and Eternals have a rapidly refilling meter, the less Eternal Blood a character has, the slower this meter recharges.
  4. Limit Break: The Limit Break is a power shared among all Eternyans, and it allows you to draw out and then use your characters full power, to use a Limit Break, which deals massive damage. Charges if the character takes damage, and slightly if the character gets healed. Allows the use of a Limit Break once full, then gets drained completely.
  5. Tension Break: The Tension Break is a rare but powerful ability that allows the user to store and release Emotional Energy, and then use it for even stronger attacks than the Limit Break. Tension Break charges per action, depending on some factors the amount changes, also whenever some requirements are met, the Tension Break charges even more, like Terna getting attackes whenever IAN, NOVA or IANOVA is in the party as well causing the Tension Break of IAN, NOVA or IANOVA to skyrocket in rage. Useable By: IAN, NOVA(uncontrollable), IANNOVA, Terna(after the part has been reached that IAN and Terna get engaged), ALL Solar Main Characters, All Characters without appearant emotions.