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A Wiki for everything you need to know about the unreleased Eternya Wars 1 & 2, and the new Eternya Wars 3: Infinite Generations, whose development is currently in hands of Eternity Gaming. Current admins: Ianpieps, Mdj joseppie.

Note: Currently all development of Eternya Wars 3 has been HALTED in favor of the somewhat more mortal-related spinoff Reborn. EW3 has not been canceled, plans still exist to eventually finish it, remake EW1 and 2, maybe a few spinoffs

The story of the game....Edit

We have made a game once. A game about the epic clash of the physical forms of Light & Darkness. About love, hate and action, spanning billions of years, thousands of galaxies and at least a few hunderd dimensions. We called the game after the events of the game, Eternya Wars, and then we started praying. Praying to no one in particular that this game would remain a game. We got screwed. 13.7 Billion years ago, in another universe, and another dimension, the third Eternya War begun, and that threatened Existance itself, again. So, when that had war been recorded in a game, like the first two, we continued with our unanswered prayers, echoeing through the waves of Time, Space, Dimension. Each Axis took our words back and forth, but now the Eternals stand on the brink of war for the fourth time in history, united, facing an seemingly unstoppable thread. Now follow fifteen generations of children and twenty-two Eternals in their greatest fight yet....

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