Eternya is the mother of the Eternals, as well as the Eternal of Existance and the creator of Existance, and later the Eternals. She died while creating 18 children, Darcyan, Sun, Moon, Phonixe, Oceanya, Tera, Terna, Grymm, Neutrina, Artica, Hurricané, Ironixe, Storna, Cybró, Astrina, Neon, Deon and Frost, also known as the Eternals. The place where she died split up, and formed the points 0, 0, 0 and ∞, ∞, ∞ on the Space-Time-Dimension-Axis-System, which is where the Eternal Base, Mountain Eternya (0, 0, 0), home of the Eternals, and the Energy Sphere Galaxy (∞, ∞, ∞), home of the Energy Spheres, the energy source of the Eternals, are located. Both of these are normally inaccessable to mortals, but two have entered the Energy Sphere Galaxy, absorbed some of Eternyas power through the Energy Globe, and gained some reality-warping abilities. Later, the Eternals gave them a name, the Perfect Dreamers.