The Cross System is a system that allows you to use the CROSS Command to transform two or more characters in a single, stronger character. The Cross System is aquired somewhere in the first quarter of IANs Story, near the end of the first half of NOVAs Story, or near the end of the Ternas Solitude Chapter in any other Storyline. The Cross System is first used to counter Eternya V2.0, the atificial Eternya clone made by the Zecro Race, and it lets IAN and Terna Cross to form the Royal Cross Form, codenamed XS193 (Access 193) and it lets Darcyan and Frost Cross into another Cross Form, the Absolute Zero Cross Form, codenamed XS095 (Access 095). After that, the CROSS Command can be used whenever the Sync. Gauge is full. Characters that are nearly fully Synced cannot use the Cross System, though. To Cross these characters, you must first get the Fusion System to allow Fusion Crossing.

Later in the story, you can get the even stronger Fusion System, that allows fully synchronized characters to use Fusion Cross to become even stronger than with the Cross System can make them. The Fusion System can also allow some Fusion Crosses to unleash their powered up form, called the Advanced Fusion or Super Fusion Crosses. Even less Advanced Fusions can use the Super Advance Mode or Hyper Fusion Cross, allowing the player to add even more strategies to their arsenal.

Crosses and Fusions are almost always useful for amost any situation, and are almost always extremely strong. Advanced Fusions, however, tend to focus more on tactical combat than on raw power.

List of Crosses and Fusion CrossesEdit

Cross: Absolute Zero Cross: XS095. Characters are Darcyan and Frost.

The Absolute Zero Cross is one of the first two useable Crosses, and is mainly used for offence, having little Defence. However, it makes up for its lack of Defence with its massive Attack and Psychic immunity.